Cooper and the Queen
Mirador Publishing UK, 2011

Incident at Willow Creek
NeWest Publishers, 2009
Edmonton AB

Spinner's Inlet
Horsdal and Schubart, 1989

Sasquatch/Bigfoot, The Search for North America's Incredible Creature
with Rene Dahinden.
Toronto: McClelland & Stewart, 1973;
revised edition published, 1993.
"Lovely book i've read many times, usually a few snippets at a time. Short (2-4 pages) tales of life on a small unnamed Gulf Island (think, between Vancouver and Vancouver Island, BC). Life is slower, but just as complicated as on the Mainland. The chief delight of the book is in Hunter's wonderful depiction of the characters ~ using the word in its best, fullest sense ~ who inhabit Spinner's Inlet ..."
"This is a very good book about Rene and his hunt for the sasquatch with lots of chapters that relate to the above. It is pretty much told in a way that doesn't try to push the idea that Sasquatch is real! and you will learn a lot about the history of sasquatch and how it all began right here within these pages.
This book is an excellent start to anyone who wants a good take on the whole bigfoot saga ..."

Copyright Don Hunter -  2008 
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Spinner's Inlet, 1989.
Stephen Leacock Medal

A gripping story that reaches back from today to the close of World War II, where the presence of a German prisoner of war camp in southern Alberta triggered dramatic and far-reaching events in the small town of Willow Creek. The discovery in Cardiff, Wales, of a faded Canadian military report from 1944 sets Canadian-born Liz Thomas on a search to find answers to family secrets that have been kept hidden for more than six decades.
Matt Cooper, a Canadian cop who has been slightly off his game since the death of his wife, heads up the Emergency Response Team in Vancouver and has been training his guys hard for the last six months in preparation for a Royal visit.
The Queen and Prince Philip are on a world tour. Security is tight but the Queen is determined to do what she sees as her duty and as she says, ‘she must be seen to be believed’.
This is 1983 and the Troubles in Ireland are about to cause big trouble for Cooper. Taken off E.R.T. by the Queen’s personal Mountie, his new job is to babysit what Cooper fears will be a sitting target but hey, he’s a few years from retirement and will do as he’s told for now at least.
What he didn’t expect, however, was to find love again and from a woman whose head appears on a nation’s stamps.